Hair & Holistic

What do you envisage when you think about a good salon? Good atmosphere? Nice staff? Or charming surroundings? Ying believes that as well as the treatment being important; it is also about the experience. It is important to enjoy your visit and feel relaxed.

Over the years, Ying has continued to provide exceptional customer service and precision cutting to our customers. As a company we believe that outstanding customer service is the most important thing in order to provide you with the experience you deserve.

As a hair stylist, Ying has been professional for over 20 years and has experienced many different hair types. This has given her the understanding to provide for many hair types. Ying is especially proud of the variety of styles that are available at a high standard to you as a customer. The styles are categorised into two sections: Hair-Ups and Extensions. Whether you are getting married or just wanting your hair to grow, we will have a style to suit your desire for every occasion.
As well as having well-known excellent customer service and results Ying also makes a conscience effort of a pleasant experience for the customer.

So, why not see for yourself and not just have a hair transformation, have the experience.
Pop in or call Ying to arrange a free consultation on us.