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Creative Colour

Much like hair cutting, over the years, Ying has perfected the art of hair colouring is an art and is a timed job to get the best result. Ying is passionate about her work and if asked, will recommend hair colour that she thinks will suit you, taking into consideration your skin tone. Whether you are having a touch up or having a complete change, Ying has a rainbow of colours that will suit your desires.

Ying can understand how daunting changing the colour of your hair can be and has created an atmosphere that is relaxing and carefree.

If you are confident of the colour you would like, Ying suggests that you bring in a picture so that she has a colour to work to. This will ensure you are the happiest with your results as you can be. If you are not sure about the colour, then do not stress, Ying is here to suggest ideas about what colour she thinks may be best to you. As everybody is different due to their facial features, she can provide you with magazines in the free consultation where you can both sit down and talk about your ideas. Ying can do anything from a classic timeless style from a bold edgy look.


Botanically derived colours

For you there is a choice of botanically derived hair colours. The natural hair colours that Ying uses are all botanically derived hair colours, if you chose these. This is a natural source with nourishing and protecting plant extracts. These dyes are 100% botanical hair colours containing no ammonia and no peroxide. As the hair colours contain no harmful substances for the hair, the hair will be in a deeply conditioned state.

The hair colours are all of natural, true-to-life tones, as they have no ammonia or bleach in the hair colour. These hair colours are an alternative for your hair that will keep it looking natural, flourishing and healthy whilst still maintaining your colour at the same time.

Ying offers organic colours as well as what is already on offers that do not have ammonia in. This is good for clients who are sensitive to colours or who have previously had reactions.

If you are a new client, then you will need to come in for a skin test 24-48 hours prior to appointment. If you feel and look good on the outside then you feel good inside. Please do not hesitate to contact Ying or visit the shop and arrange a free consultation today.

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