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Your hair should represent your personality and when you have a bad haircut it is reflected in your mood. Ying has had over 20 years of service and over the years this has allowed her to perfect her skill. This has allowed Ying to dive deeper and experiment with her cuts. Having multiple clients a day, Ying has had the chance to cut different types of hair, create different styles, becoming more versatile every day. This has allowed her to be versatile with her cuts and she is now available to do gentlemen, ladies and children’s haircuts.

It is important for Ying to build a relationship with her clients and she wants them to be able to trust her. A better relationship for Ying and the client leads to better results. In order for this to happen Ying has created a calm and relaxing environment for you, the customer. Whilst getting your hair cut, Ying believes that it should be an enjoyable experience. Ying want to make you feel as welcomed as possible providing refreshments on the way.

Ying offers a wide variety of haircuts. From working with many clients, Ying has been asked for many different hairstyles. Ying is very creative and is in her element when she is asked for an unusable, asymmetrical haircut; so don’t hesitate if you feel that you are not quite sure what you want. Feel free to talk it over with Ying and she can give you some ideas to help you out. Ying will find a cut that will suit you, focusing on your facial structure and skin tone. If you prefer a more subtle change Ying can also produce a trim for those of you who want something more relaxed.

Do not hesitate to bring along a picture of what you have envisaged your haircut to look like. This will give Ying something to work to ensuring you get the results you want. If you are not sure on what you want, do not worry; you are free to talk this over in a free consultation with Ying, to discuss ideas. So, Book yourself in today or call for a free consultation.

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