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Using 100% Human natural hair Ying can give you a hair transformation and look sensational within hours. Provided by the company, Great Lengths, the extensions are assured to be of professional quality, both ethical and traceable. Great lengths are always evolving with new products, with their products suited for both, men and women. They have unique looks suitable for you. Whether it is volume, length or a change of colour you are looking to achieve, Ying has a range of styles and colours she will be sure to have something to suit your taste at an affordable price.

As well as the choice in length, colour and volume with the hair extensions, Ying can make those special occasions extra special with the choice to add Swarovski Crystals stands into the extensions.

Following this advise and maintaining your new hair extensions will help them looking new, healthy and shiny:

  1. Always brush thoroughly before washing
  2. Use recommended shampoo and conditioners
  3. When using heated electrical products (straighteners) use heat protection sprays

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Hair Up

If you are that person who always has their hair in the same style, why not try something different? A hair up-do can be the ultimate hair transformation and change your look to new level. Everyone knows that when you have good hair, you feel good. Whether you are just going to work, to dinner or you have a party, it is important to have great hair for any occasion.

With Ying’s 20 years of experience it has allowed her to work with all types of hair. This has let her broaden her knowledge on how to work with different styles, shapes and lengths of hair. Do not worry if you feel that your hair may not suit the style you want, Ying is there to provide guidance and work with your hair to give the best results. There will be sure to be a style that suits you. To get the results you want, why not bring a picture of your desired style, so that Ying can work to that hairstyle. If you prefer your own individual style, Ying can create an original up-do exclusively for you, taking into consideration your hairstyle, your hair length and your facial structure.

Why not Stop by or Call Ying today to arrange a consultation and start the process of your new hair transformation today.

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